100% No Harmful Chemical Beauty Products


At ActuallyOrganic we work hard to bring you top-notch, quality beauty products.  Most of our products are food and plant-based, with no hidden or mystery ingredients.  Our approach to quality is to source premium, all-natural and organic ingredients, giving you exceptional products. 

We have scoured the earth and have lab tested over a 100 different sources for each ingredient, so that we can bring to you the purest and highest quality beauty products that work.

Unlike some companies, we do not add other harmful ingredients that degrade the product and result in a poorer quality product.  We are an honest company that refuses to sell products with “mystery” ingredients.  When essential oils are altered in this way it destroys the essence as well as the healing properties.  Therefore, ActuallyOrganic is actually organic, dedicated to providing the highest quality and most powerful oils and beauty products.  We, at ActuallyOrganic, refuse to carry essential oils that have been diluted, altered, or artificially changed, and beauty products that are not food or plant-based.  Heal your hair and skin with nutrients, not chemicals.   

Although we're beginning with Argan Oil, we will have a full array of pure, 100% organic essential oils, safe soaps, including shampoos, bar soaps, and soft soaps. We are also finishing up the formulations on our lotion, day and night cream, and a lip balm.  All food and plant-based with no man-made chemicals.

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I love this argan oil. It’s easy to use and smells great.
— Lucky
I really like the argan oil. Have been using one squirt of it and one squirt of rose hip oil to make a face moisturizer. I’ve been impressed!
— Vayla
I have always loved the feel of Moroccan oil but I have to say this product is the best I have purchased so far! It goes on so smooth and quenches my face immediately.
— Anonymous